Our Favorite Aldi Snacks

Our favorite shelf stable Aldi snacks that can be found half eaten in our cupboard at all times are here for you to check out!

You know what my favorite part is? You can buy all 7 for less than $15.

Eating well and feeding some large appetites plus growing kids is expensive. When I realized I could get so many of our weekly staples for way less at Aldi, I was sold. (Hello almond milk, chia seeds, quinoa, lentils, kale, apples, berries…. i could go on and on.) My last trip to Aldi my grand total was $173.23. The cashier told me I set a new record  – he’d never seen someone spend so much at Aldi. Not sure how to take this, so I’ll just roll with a compliment. To me, I just got WAY more groceries for less money than any other store so I just laughed and went on bagging my own stuff. (Consider it a free strength workout!) The biggest con to shopping here is I cannot find all the things I need some weeks. We typically supplement with some big trips to Costco for the rest (like tofu, almond butter, Kodiak cakes, fish, yogurt, and household things.) 

Just to be clear, Aldi didn’t pay me to post this. Although, they probably should- I may be one of their biggest fans. 

  1. Simply Nature Lightly Salted Popcorn

    DSC_0566Popcorn is by far the favorite snack around our house. And with a bag (or two) of pre-popped popcorn on hand at all times, we’re ready for that snack attack! This is very comparable to other pre-popped popcorn brands for about 1/3 the cost. This also apparently means there are significantly more semi popped kernels to watch out for – I almost cracked a molar once or twice. But once you’ve got the heads up for that – it’s totally worth the cost savings! And, the bag is 2-3 times the size of other bags. So, grab a chip clip and keep the extra nice and fresh.


  2. Simply Nature Freeze Dried Strawberries

    DSC_0564I was hesitant to buy these because they are a little overpriced in my eyes – even for Aldi. But, once I pulled the trigger, they have become a weekly staple. First of all, they are so ridiculously flavorful! When they freeze dry the fruit, it really concentrates the flavor and leaves an awesome crispy crunch. Plus – they’re delish in these chocolate strawberry black bean brownies. And, anybody with kids – these are way less of a mess than fresh strawberries. Because some days, avoiding a stain is enough to save your sanity. Your spray and wash will thank you. We also really love the freeze dried Asian pears.


  3. Simply Nature Green Pea Crisps

    DSC_0549On multiple occasions, I’ve accidentally eaten half the bag before I realized it. I use the term ‘accidentally’ very loosely. The first ingredient is ‘dried green peas’ which are a great source of protein and fiber. So this crunchy, salty snack can meet that snack attack head on – satisfying and filling all in one. These are also a great snack for babes and toddlers. They are airy enough for ‘gumming’ sans a full set of teeth and will safely disintegrate when sucked on long enough.  Plus, they’re the perfect length for a little fist to hold.


  4. Moser Roth Dark 70% Cocoa bars

    DSC_0557I’m not even sure this one needs an explanation because every day with chocolate is a better day. Can’t beat the price here, but I also love that there are 5 individually wrapped bars in each box. Easy to throw one in your lunch or split one with your 3 year old. The higher the % of cocoa the more health benefits your chocolate gives you. (Studies have shown the benefits of cocoa to include lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower risk of diabetes, and improved cognition. And listen up athletes, newer research is showing it may boost athletic performance similar to the way beetroot juice improves athletic performance. More to come on this in another post..) Personally, any higher % than 70% and my cheeks pucker and it feels like I’m eating dirt, but if you like that kinda thing they also sell an 85% cocoa. Can’t say I didn’t warn you though! Try dunking a bar in your jar of peanut butter for a life changing bedtime snack.


  5. live Gfree Black Sesame Brown Rice Crisps

    DSC_0554Oh do I love these! They remind me more of a tortilla chip than a cracker. Chock full of good stuff – sesame, flax, and chia seeds with a side of quinoa – you’re getting some serious nutrition packed in this snack. I’ve been known to use these as dippers for hummus and tuna salad because sometimes you just need crunch from something other than veggies. They also make a sweet chili flavor and it’s pretty delish as well. This flavor was my snack of choice during my last pregnancy – perhaps I overdid it – but I like the plain ones much better these days. Plus they’re way more versatile.


  6. Simply Nature Vanilla Chip Granola Bars

    DSC_0561It’s no secret I love homemade granola bars. I’ve posted two granola recipes so far – and by the popularity of these posts, I’m guessing you guys like them as much as I do! (In case you missed it, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Blueberry Lemon granola bar recipes) Sometimes (read: a lot of the time) life happens and a quick grab-n-go option is clutch. These are my go-to. I often use these as a quick fuel source before morning workouts when I’m in a rush.


  7. Raisins

    DSC_0542It’s natures candy – ask the 1980’s California raisin board. ‘Mother’s like um cuz they’re sweetened by the sun.’ Ok, maybe not the most exciting on the list but these are quick and easy to throw in your bag or leave in your car to keep the hungries at bay until a meal. Also great as a pre or post workout snack. And since the box doubles as a whistle, your kids will totally finish the box to give it a whirl. Ok fine, maybe that’s why I always finish the box.


Where my Aldi fans at?! Any other snacks we should add to the list?? 


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