Meghann Featherstun MS RD CSSD LD


registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and wellness coach 

As a kid, I ate the ‘tree tops’ off the broccoli and my older brother ate the stems. In the late 80s, we were quite possibly the only kids at the lunch table with raw broccoli, which were certainly not an acceptable swap for other kid’s chips. But never fail, we always had a homemade dessert in that lunch box too. Now that’s what I call balanced eating!

On a college tour of Miami University, I stumbled across a brochure on the major Dietetics. A combination of nutrition and sports science classes? This sounded pretty close to perfect. After four blissful years in the bubble that is Miami U, I strongly felt a Masters of Science in Nutrition was paramount to my success and further understanding of nutrition. I moved back north and completed my MS at Case Western Reserve University while completing my dietetic internship and becoming a registered dietitian.

As a young professional living in downtown Cleveland, I had a decent balance of work and fun but something was still missing. Competition. I missed the feeling of BurnRubber_cheerphysically pushing fitness to the limits and the blissful endorphins that followed. Endorphin junkie, i am. Cue my love affair with running. I signed up for the Cleveland Marathon as my first road race and plowed my way through training without appropriate support and numerous training/nutrition mistakes. After finding some amazing sports med professionals and immersing myself in the world of sports nutrition, better races followed.

Many full and half marathons later, I took a hiatus from training for races to start a family. Balanced nutrition again became front and center to support fertility, grow a healthy baby, and keep momma healthy! Two kiddos (and c-sections) later, I’m back in it and aiming for a Boston Marathon 2020 comeback. My last Boston Marathon was in 2013, thankfully finishing about an hour before the bombings but nonetheless feel I have some unfinished business there.

For the last 10 years, I have been working with people to help them find their happy place with nutrition, exercise, body composition and in life. I specialize in sports performance nutrition, pre- and postnatal nutrition, family nutrition, and with a heavy background in clinical nutrition can help you manage your medical conditions through nutrition as well. As a certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), I hope to help you balance your nutrition choices and fitness to reach your desired body composition and fitness goals. No two stories are the same. Therefore, no two nutrition prescriptions are the same. Each person is a unique individual who needs a specialized plan to succeed.

My passion is helping people find their own personal balance of nutrition and fitness in their busy lives. Too often, these are the first things to be placed to the side when life takes a hold. I have yet to meet a client who said ‘wow, i really wish i hadn’t made my health a priority!’ So what do you have to lose? Let’s get started and work together for the healthiest you. Raise a glass for the health of it!